photo of sculpture

What is erskine design works?

This is the website for artist/mechanic Larry Naylor. My middle name is Erskine, thus the "erskine" in design works. A Scot design firm already had so I added the works.


Ever since I could use tools I have been building and fixing things. As a kid I would tear apart anything I owned, be it bicycles, motorcycles or cars. The good thing was I could also put them back together in working order.

In high school I became interested in photography, working on yearbooks and other projects. This interest continued into college where I was introduced to photography as an art form. To think of myself as an artist was a revelation that has influenced the better part of my life.

These two facets have continued to be prominent throughout my life. My fascination for mechanical objects has led me to work in the bicycle industry for the past twenty years. However, while I find mechanics interesting on many levels, making art is also necessary to me.

This website is a summation of my creative endeavors. Please enjoy.

Larry Naylor